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The Legend of Haolan - Translation of Season Finale - Episode 62, Ending

史载,始皇九年,秦王平嫪毐之乱,迁太后于雍。次年,免相国吕不韦,及齐人茅焦说秦王,秦王乃迎太后于雍,归复咸阳,而出文信侯就国河南。岁余,吕不韦忧惧恐诛,乃饮酖而死。始皇十九年,太后薨,谥为帝太后,与庄襄王会葬芷阳。 Please note that although I am not a native Chinese speaker, I have been studying Chinese for over a decade. I did my best to translate the following Chinese text because many non-Chinese speakers who watch the television series "The Legend of Haolan" were left in the dark at the very end of Episode 62. They desperately want to know how things turned out for Li Haolan and Lü Buwei, but professional English translations for this final scene are currently unavailable. I have also included additional historical background information to help clarify any ambiguities between actual records and the television series. Columns 1, 2, 3, and 4 According to historical records, nine years into the emperor's rule, Ying Zheng (嬴政) -- otherwise known as Emperor Shi Huang (秦始皇) or Li Haolan's son -- pacified Lao Ai's (嫪毐) rebellion and imprisoned Queen Dowager Zhao (Li Haol