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Space Toilets Unveiled: How Astronauts Pee During Long Launch Delays

When it comes to space travel, everything must be carefully planned, including bodily functions such as peeing. But how do astronauts handle this need during the long hours of waiting before a rocket launch? The answer lies in the Urine Collection Device (UCD), a crucial piece of hardware used by astronauts during spaceflight to collect and contain urine. What is a UCD? The UCD is a simple yet effective device that consists of a storage bag, adapter tubing, and disconnect hardware for both male and female adapters. Each UCD bag can store approximately one quart of urine, which is either disposed of in the spacecraft waste management system or returned to Earth for further research. UCDs are also used outside the spacecraft during Extravehicular Activity (EVA) operations. The UCD has been used in various space missions, including the Apollo and Space Shuttle missions, as well as onboard the International Space Station (ISS). The UCD was used in every Apollo mission, where astronauts h