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The Legend of Haolan - Translation of Season Finale - Episode 62, Ending

Click the image to expand. The Legend of Haolan: Li Haolan and Lü Buwei - What Happened? Translation below. According to historical records, in the ninth year of Emperor Shi Huang's rule, Li Haolan was imprisoned by her son, Ying Zheng, in Yongcheng after he pacified Lao Ai's rebellion. Lü Buwei, the Prime Minister, was stripped of his position and banished to Henan the following year by Ying Zheng. Mao Jiao, the guest secretary of the Qin Kingdom, convinced Ying Zheng to escort Li Haolan back to Ganquan Palace in Xianyang. After over a year of fearing for his life, Lü Buwei committed suicide. Li Haolan died in the nineteenth year of the Emperor's rule and was buried with her husband, King Zhuangxiang of Qin. Notes: In Episode 62 of "The Legend of Haolan," Li Haolan's son, Ying Zheng, decreed that she be imprisoned at her palace in Fuyang, not Yongcheng. This contradicts actual historical records. When Ying Zheng imprisone