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Maximizing the Potential of Your Garden with Companion Planting

Are you looking to create a thriving and productive garden? If so, consider the practice of companion planting . Companion planting is the art of pairing different plants together in a garden bed, so they can complement each other and grow better. Deter Pests & Diseases One of the key benefits of companion planting is that it helps to deter pests and diseases ; for example, planting marigolds near your tomatoes repels tomato hornworms, while planting basil near your tomatoes enhances their growth and flavor.  The science behind planting marigolds near tomatoes to repel tomato hornworms lies in the strong scent of the marigolds, which masks the scent of the tomatoes and confuses the hornworms, making it difficult for them to locate their preferred food source.  Planting basil near tomatoes enhances their growth and flavor due to the allelopathic effects of basil, which releases compounds that suppress certain soil-borne pathogens and improve the overall health of the soil, leading